Material required

  • Coconut liner (Principal material) Available from us at 16,95 € + postage, for 2 sheets of 20 x 14 cms. Models up to 100 trees. BUY NOW.

  • Sawdust (Available from your local hardware store, super market or animal shop)

  • White glue or Wood glue (Hardware store)

  • Saté sticks or bamboo sticks (Super market, hardware store)

  • Thin wire, recommend 0,5 mm diameter or less (Hardware store or Amazon on line)

  • Spray paints. Dark and light Green, yellow, orange. Get the cheapest (Hardware store)

  • Acrylic paints to colour the bark of tree trunk, dark Brown and light Brown-yellow.

Advantages of using Coconut liner

  • When adding up the costs of all the required Materials, the Price of one pine tree doesn't exceed the 30 cents per tree.
  • Your first tree may take you 15 minutes to make, but once you gain experience you can bring that down to 5 minutes per tree. I usually do 3 trees at the same time.